Technics Hammer Slide Through Sling Loop

Technics Hammer Slide Through Sling Loop

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The Technics The hammer sling is ideal for storing a hammer safely while at work, it can slide onto a tool belt.

Made from hard wearing material with reinforced backing. Supports all hammers and comes with a metal holder.
  • Made from reinforced material to minimise wear and tear
  • Slide-through hammer sling loop for use with a tool belt
  • The swinging sling prevents digging into the skin when kneeling
  • For use with claw, lump and brick hammers
  • Reinforced back prevents sagging


Quality, flexible Tool Storage solutions made for the Trade. The Technics range includes bags, cases and mix-and-match pouches and belts; allowing storage needs to be tailored to the job. The range is made from tough, wear-resistant material. The tool bags are hard-based and water resistant.

*Item does not contain tools, items in image for illustration only

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